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What will you get with a 10 week Pilates membership?

  1. Weekly secured booking in the one class of your choice for the 10 weeks
  2. Attend a second Pilates class casually for HALF PRICE!!
  3. FREE unlimited unsupervised use of the Pilates/Fitness studio with your own personalised Pilates &/or fitness program
  4. More classes and times to choose from than ever before
  5. Our new Pilates program of class structures which are consistently taught by all Instructors throughout all the classes.

Small Group Pilates Classes or Individual Sessions available.

MyPhysioSA Pilates Classes

Foundation Class - Consolidate and reinforce (Beginner)

Encouraged for all Beginners to Pilates. A class focusing on fundamental positioning, exercises and principles to improve body awareness, strength, control and coordination. Instructors provide continual guidance and feedback to assist you reach your potential!

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Fusion Class - Small Equipment (All Levels)

Weekly rotations through a variety of equipment to challenge core control. Equipment may include magic circles, fitballs, chiballs and therabands.

Fusion Class - Small Equipment (Intermediate)

Weekly rotations through a variety of equipment to challenge core control. Equipment may include magic circles, fitballs, chiballs and therabands.

Reformer / Mat (All levels welcome)

Rotating mat-based exercises (small equipment and body resistance) with studio equipment (including reformer) to improve the body’s biomechanics and functional strength. Combining your breath with core stability to challenge your postural awareness and pelvic stability.

*New Class* - Pilates Balance ( All levels welcome)

A Pilates class primarily performed in sitting or standing. Engage your core and challenge your balance, encouraging stability and confidence on your feet! Suitable for those rehabilitating from surgery or injury or those try to reach their full potential walking or running! Pilates balance will be able to help you reach your goal.

Progressive Class - (Intermediate / Advanced)

Progressively challenging and improving technique, body awareness, coordination and control through a variety of exercises and positions. Encouraged for Intermediate to Advanced level students.

Specialty Class - Mums and Bubs

A specifically designed Pilates class that promotes a safe and targeted return to fitness and well being for new mothers. With a focus nurturing & bonding with your baby in a social group setting.

Specialty Class - Beautiful Bumps

Small group size ensures individual exercises for particular conditions and to help keep your exercising safe and comfortable as you prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Classes include a range of exercises, stretching, and information on ante and post natal topics as well as a chance to socialise with other expecting mothers.

Beautiful Bumps pregnant women's exercises myPhysioSA Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Veterans Exercise Classes

Tailored fitness classes specifically for Veterans of all ages and abilities fully funded by Veterans Affairs at our Mount Barker Fitness Studio.

Exercise sessions designed by Physiotherapists and run by qualified Personal Trainers utilising our fully equipped private Fitness and Pilates Studio.

A great way to get fit and healthy again with other Veterans in these very social interactive sessions.

Please call myPhysioSA Mount Barker for further information on current class times.


Offering supervised exercise therapy in a heated pool in Mt Barker on Mondays and Wednesdays.

If you have pain and limited movement then hydrotherapy is a great way to get moving and strengthen again in the warm supportive water under guidance by one of our fully trained aquatic Physiotherapists.

Hydrotherapy is very useful post-operatively for ankle/foot, knee, hip and low back surgery, along with shoulder and elbow surgeries.

If you suffer from arthritis or other mobility issues then the freedom and warmth that water gives is exactly what you need to loosen your muscles and joints.

Please call myPhysioSA Mount Barker for further information on current class times.

Free to Move Class

A group class that is designed for people who have an injury that is painful and limiting them who need to get back active again as soon as possible or someone returning to exercise and prefers close supervision.

The class uses our specialised gym equipment. The equipment is used to assist and/or challenge your movement to improve mobility and strength.

You will be given an individualised program with your injuries and goals in mind. There is a maximum of 6 in the group and you will be closely supervised by your Physio instructor.

How do I start one of myPhysioSA Classes?

1. Choose the class best suited to your ability

2. Book your Initial Pilates Consultation (click here for further explanation)

The 5 Foundations of myPhysioSA Pilates are initially taught in our individual sessions with our new Pilates participants. Through an ultrasound assessment we are able to combine the principles of: Understanding, isolation and control of core, and body awareness.

During this initial session, the participant is also educated on the use of various breath patterns to facilitate and stabilise movement.
To maximise the participants holistic involvement in our Pilates program, we then recommend additional 1:1 sessions to succinctly educate our patients on the 5 Foundations of myPhysioSA Pilates.
This is achieved through the education, demonstration and participation in a series of specifically chosen exercises to maximise the participants understanding and control of breathing, core, body awareness, coordination and spine articulation.
Our 5 Foundations of myPhysioSA Pilates are then engrained in our participants during their Pilates classes. Where we challenge these principles further through a variety of Pilates exercises.

Our classes run throughout the year and if you are a new client to our classes you can start anytime after your individual assessment with one of our Physiotherapists Private Health Rebates apply.

3. Choose the class day and time that best suits you

myPhysioSA classes run in quarterly membership blocks which guarantees you a regular booking in the weekly class of your choice or you can choose to come casually.

Our popular class times book out quickly so it is best to book early for the day and time that suits you best.  Find a class time that suits you.

4. Confirm your spot by booking and paying in advance

You pay for your full block of myPhysioSA classes prior to the start of each block.  (Private Health Rebates  may apply)

This guarantees your place in the class, limited class sizes and the same Physiotherapist who progresses your exercises through each week of the block.

We provide a ‘make-up’ system as we cannot refund or credit missed classes.

Pilates FAQ’s & important information

I haven’t done Pilates before. Which class should I do?

We recommend starting with Foundation Mat if you are just starting out.

You will quickly learn the basics, and then through the Block you can start challenging yourself with harder exercises as appropriate.

Focusing on fundamental positioning, exercises and principles to improve body awareness, strength and coordination.

After doing a Block of Foundation Mat, then choosing to do an intermediate or equipment class will further challenge your fitness.

I have done Pilates before somewhere else. Which class should I try with myPhysioSA?

Our Pilates is quite different to what other places teach.  Doing a Foundation Mat class will be really valuable, and still challenging for you.

The other option is to do some one on one Pilates sessions with our Pilates Physiotherapist.

This will fast track your Pilates technique, and then you can choose any type of Pilates class to do for a Block  ie Intermediate or equipment classes.

Can I use the Pilates Studio equipment, but not do classes?

Yes, of course you can.  Our Pilates Physio’s can set you up with your own personalised Pilates program over 3-4 one on one sessions.

Then you can pay a monthly studio membership fee to be able to access the studio as often as you like (outside of our scheduled class times) to do your program independently.

We recommend a review of your program at least every 4 weeks to ensure you are doing the correct technique and to progress your exercises.

How do I claim my private health fund rebate?

Private Health Rebates apply to our Pilates classes. Payment of $220 (for 10 classes) is required to book your place in the class.

Receipts are emailed or posted out after the 5th & 10th class so you can claim your rebate from your Private Health fund.

How long are the classes?

Our myPhysio classes are scheduled for 45 minutes.

What do I bring and wear to myPhysioSA classes?

Wear light, comfortable and loose clothing. Our studios are fully air-conditioned and please bring a towel and water bottle.

Are classes ever cancelled?

We avoid this wherever possible.  We do ensure your class has the same Physiotherapist instructor so occasionally re-scheduling may occur or an alternate instructor is assigned to your class.

Classes will only be run if we exceed the minimum number required.

How much notice do I need to give if I cannot attend my class?

If you cant attend one of your classes, please notify us as soon as possible prior, as someone may be wanting to do a make up class and would really appreciate us being able to offer them a spot in that class for that day.

How do I book a make-up class?

Our reception staff will be able to discuss with you your class make up booking options when you notify us that you will not be attending a usual class.

You need to book your make up class within your current block dates.

What happens if I miss a class?

If no notice is given and you miss a class you are still charged for this class and we are unable to provide a make up class for you.

Can I carry-over my makeup class to the next block?

No, you cannot carry over your make up class to the next block.

What if I know in advance that I will be away for more than 3 weeks of a block?

If you know you will be away for more than 3 weeks of a term prior to the term beginning  (ie a long holiday) and feel you wont be able to do make ups, then please discuss your options with our Reception staff.

We don’t want you missing a whole block.