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“Mind the Bump” Useful Resources for Enhancing Wellbeing During and After Pregnancy – my Physio SA for Her Adelaide

Pregnancy has a profound effect on your body and is responsible for a number of changes physically, though many women are surprised at the changes they face emotionally during this time in their life.   “Mind the Bump” is the first mental health related pregnancy app in the world designed to support women and their…


Common Dance Injuries: Plantar Fasciitis and Dance – Advice from Jacki Eads Physio Adelaide

myPhysioSA Physiotherapist and Dancer, Jacki Eads, has the knowledge from her many years as a dancer, her physiotherapy studies and experience to share with us information and advicee about common dance injuries and how physiotherapy can help. In this installment of Common Dance Injuries, Jacki tells us about Heel or Arch of Foot Pain and…


Is your Baby Visible and Kissable? 7 Baby-Wearing Safety Tips from Jane Rothe Women’s Health Physio Adelaide

Baby wraps and slings are a popular method of holding your baby or toddler while you are up and about and can have several benefits for both you and your baby. Baby-wearing can facilitate parent-child bonding through closeness and touch, allow your hands to be free to complete other tasks, and may even help with…