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Do You Feel Isolated or Embarrassed by Your Bladder Issues? by Adelaide my Physio SA Physiotherapist Jane

Bladder issues – often not the first choice for casual dinner conversation! Incontinence is often labelled the silent disease for this reason. It can be embarrassing to talk about and because no one is talking about it you can feel isolated and alone, trying to work out how to deal with this problem. Many people…


The best Aquatic Exercises to help with common sporting injuries: my Physio SA Adelaide

Aquatherapy or Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment and rehabilitation exercises that takes place in the water, supervised by a qualified Physiotherapist. It can be used in conjunction with, or in place of gym based exercise programs. It is a low-impact form of exercise that provides a gentle whole body workout as you move against…


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Confused About Your Pelvic Floor? Advice from Jane a my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist

Here are some tips! 1. Pelvic Floor Muscles are a small group of muscles which sit at the “floor” of your pelvis. They act like a muscular trampoline to resist any downward pressures such as coughing, sneezing and lifting.   2.They are important for control of your bladder and bowel, pregnancy and childbirth, pelvis and…


my Physio SA Adelaide Explains How You Can Start Minimising Muscle Strains

The biggest risk factor for an injury occurring again is a previous injury. While this is something that can’t be changed, completing your rehabilitation properly after the injury has occurred is key to minimising the likelihood of further injury to the same or surrounding muscles.   It is common for athletes’ pain and function improve…


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Pilates Series: Arm Lifts with Shoulder blade control my Physio SA Adelaide

Arm Lifts with Shoulder blade control Starting position: Inhale to prepare Exhale: sliding one arm forward within a comfortable range, maintaining shoulder blade and rib connection. No movement through torso. Inhale: Gently lower arm, maintaining shoulder blade control.   Repeat Exhale-Inhale cycle on other side   Please consult your Physiotherapists before attempting any exercises outside…


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Pilates Series: Shoulder Blade Control my Physio SA Adelaide

Shoulder Blade Control Starting position: Inhale to prepare Exhale: keeping your arms straight lower your torso to the ground, allowing your shoulder blades to move closer together. Inhale: lift your torso from the breast bone creating broadness across your upper back, with a strong contact between your shoulder blades and rib cage. Repeat Exhale-Inhale cycle…