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Pilates Series: Alphabet Balance my Physio SA Adelaide

Alphabet Balance Starting Position: Standing with feel hip width apart. Hands resting on your hips. Execution: Inhale             To prepare – activating your core muscles. Exhale             Gently lift one leg, maintaining your balance. Breathe as comfortable Slowly begin to write the alphabet with the risen foot, while maintaining your balance. Try to avoid hitching the hips…


womnes bladder physiotherapy Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Bladder Leaking in Sport: A Womens Physio Perspective by Adelaide Physiotherapist Jane

Bladder leaking during physical activity and exercise is very common, with 30% of exercising women report leaking (some sports it is even higher!). However bladder leaking is never normal. The bladder is designed to store and hold onto urine and then contract to empty the urine out. High impact activity (exercise or sports involving running,…


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How a Physio can help with Sporting Injuries in Adolescence by Adelaide Physiotherapist Jacki

Acute sporting injuries usually occur during a training session or game due to falling, jumping, landing or catching incorrectly or contact with other players. Other pains may come on slowly over time with no obvious incident or sporting injuries , feel worse after games or training sessions and continue to cause problems for a longer…


tight neck and upper back muscles Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Think that you can push through that pain, sore spot or niggly injury? Our my Physio SA Adelaide Physios say think again

Playing with an injury or an little niggle can be risky business, as it can lead to further issues. “You’ll Be Right”, “Stop Your Whinging” and “Just Push Through It” are classic examples of pressures put on players to continue to train or play with sore areas, tight spots or niggling issues. From personal experiences,…


How to Manage a Fracture by my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist Anthony

Broken bones can heal by themselves, over time and given the correct circumstances. Unfortunately, a fracture healing correctly is only a small percentage of the problem when managing a fracture. More on this later though. The importance initial medical treatment, when the fracture occurs or is diagnosed – is to make sure the pieces line up…


Spinal Fractures – Tips and Advice by Adelaide my Physio SA Physiotherapist Cameron

It’s fair to say that when we think about ‘spinal fractures’ the worst springs to mind in every sense. There are different types of spinal fractures that can occur as a result from different events. The most common types that physiotherapists tend to see are: 1)Trauma 2) Stress  3) Crush 1)Trauma Yes, spinal fractures can…