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Ask a Physiotherapist: What Exercises can help with Chronic Low Back Pain from Scoliosis?

Scoliosis   A- Usually exercise therapy is the best option, rather than relying on strong pain medications.   If you haven’t tried Physiotherapy yet for helping your scoliosis, I recommend you see a Physio near you, hopefully its a myPhysioSA Physiotherapist! They can assess your movement patterns and which muscles and part of the spine…


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How to Preventing Further Injury to your Shoulder – Advice by Physiotherapist Anthony Sheridan

Question: I have hurt my shoulder recently – Can I still keep exercising/playing sport? If I just “push through” the pain – Will this cause further damage? The shoulder is one of the more complex joints in the body and there are a lot of different internal structures that could be the source of shoulder…


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Physiotherapist David Wilson Answers – Is Having Your Neck Cracked Safe?

Is Having your Neck Cracked (or Manipulated) Safe? Are Physiotherapy Techniques Safer Than Chiropractic Cracking? A recent article in the British Medical Journal advises against the use of cervical spine manipulation for neck pain. Neck “cracking” or high speed thrust manipulation can cause a stroke due to restriction of the arteries in the neck. Estimates on…


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What Should I Look for in a Personal Trainer? Help from my Physio SA Adelaide

Congratulations on making the decision to choose a personal trainer (PT) to help you achieve your fitness goals! At myPhysioSA, we work closely with and recommend Personal Trainers from North Adelaide Fitness Centre, Pushing Performance, 24Fit, and Cross Training Systems. (Click the logo to visit their website). If you are considering starting some PT sessions,…


Women’s Health Physiotherapy: Safe & Effective Exercise During Pregnancy – The Do’s and Don’ts!

Keeping fit and active during your pregnancy is important! Exercise helps you stay fit and comfortable, reduce back pain, maintain muscle strength, manages swelling and constipation, reduces bladder leakage and helps with sleep. Completing the right level exercise is key to achieving these benefits and can help you feel more confident in managing the changes…