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Physiotherapist David Wilson Answers – Is Having Your Neck Cracked Safe?

Is Having your Neck Cracked (or Manipulated) Safe? Are Physiotherapy Techniques Safer Than Chiropractic Cracking? A recent article in the British Medical Journal advises against the use of cervical spine manipulation for neck pain. Neck “cracking” or high speed thrust manipulation can cause a stroke due to restriction of the arteries in the neck. Estimates on…


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What Should I Look for in a Personal Trainer? Help from my Physio SA Adelaide

Congratulations on making the decision to choose a personal trainer (PT) to help you achieve your fitness goals! At myPhysioSA, we work closely with and recommend Personal Trainers from North Adelaide Fitness Centre, Pushing Performance, 24Fit, and Cross Training Systems. (Click the logo to visit their website). If you are considering starting some PT sessions,…


Women’s Health Physiotherapy: Safe & Effective Exercise During Pregnancy – The Do’s and Don’ts!

Keeping fit and active during your pregnancy is important! Exercise helps you stay fit and comfortable, reduce back pain, maintain muscle strength, manages swelling and constipation, reduces bladder leakage and helps with sleep. Completing the right level exercise is key to achieving these benefits and can help you feel more confident in managing the changes…


my Physio SA Pilates Helps Improve Coordination

myPhysioSA Pilates Physio, Ellen, explains how Pilates helps improve coordination. Coordination is a must for sports performance, and doing your fitness activities with less chance of injury. Coordination is our 4th Foundation in our Pilates program that we run in our two Adelaide Physiotherapy clinics, in North Adelaide and Mount Barker. Pilates is great for…


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Question: I twisted my Knee and now it is swollen. What should I do? Can Physiotherapy Help?

Hi, Twisting your knee with any force can put pressure on the outer ligaments of your knee, and it can also potentially cause a meniscal (cartilage) problem. These issues, among others(previous injuries/wear and tear etc), can cause your knee to swell. If this has just happened, then follow the RICE regime, rest as needed (if…


Overuse Tendon Injuries in Sport (Tendonopathy) my Physio SA Adelaide

What you need to know about tendon injuries Current thinking has replaced the term tendonitis (“inflammation”) with a spectrum of tendonopathy (“cellular degradation”). The pain often occurs due to compression of internal and external tendon structures, leading to cellular damage and even death, not local inflammation. We also now understand that tendon tissue requires loading…