You are here because you likely have a painful problem that is affecting your life in some way.

You have probably had this problem for a while, and may have tried many things to get rid of it.

So why book to see a myPhysioSA Physio?

Our myPhysioSA Physiotherapists’s should be your first choice for helping with your problem and getting you back to doing the activities you enjoy again. We all have a University degree, research backed effective treatment techniques, and we all love helping people.

Communication is key to everything we do! We listen to you, explain the cause of your problem in plain English that you can understand, decide with you the fastest and best way to tackle your problem.

Our sessions are hands-on Physiotherapy treatment one on one with your chosen therapist who is the best suited to helping your problem.

You will feel in control of your results and get back to what you love doing faster.

physiotherapy treatment with patient

How Physiotherapy can help you

Our goal is to improve you and make you move and feel better than when you walked in the door. Comforted, cared for and cured.

We will get to the root cause of your condition – beyond the symptoms, because we don’t want you to spend your life on a treatment table. Our key goal in Physiotherapy is to find out what is causing your problem. This is the tricky bit; it’s the bit we love.

Getting the correct diagnosis is a key to getting the results you want. And then we will teach you how to keep the problem from returning. So don’t waste your time missing out on what you want to do and let the myPhysioSA team get you feeling great again.

At myPhysioSA it’s all about you. Your problem. Your pain. Your customised solution.

What can a Physio help me with?

Physio’s are trained to help with nearly everything to do with the bodies nerves, muscles, joints and spine.

The main area’s of Physiotherapy are;

  • Joint pain including: shoulder, hip, knee, foot, elbow and hand.
  • Sports injuries and sports performance
  • Spine pain
  • Headache treatment
  • Women’s Health issues including pelvic floor health, pre and postnatal care
  • Rehabilitation plans after surgery or injury
  • Ergonomic advice including manual handling and workstation setup
  • Rehab after car or work accidents
  • Helping with balance or weakness issues


What makes the best Physio?

We think the best Physio is one who actually listens to you and finds out what a good result would be for you. A result that gets rid of your pain and gets you back into what you need to be doing again faster. We think that our Physio’s at myPhysioSA do this the best!

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