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Joga – Men’s Yoga

Yoga especially designed for men. Exercise has been known to help many aspects of recovery from cancer and during treatment. However, it has not yet been confirmed as a standard part of Prostate Cancer treatment and care. Regular exercise, along with healthy eating and lifestyle are important throughout life. And is now being used more…


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my Physio SA Adelaide: Tips on Osteoporosis and Maintaining Healthy Bones

Osteoporosis is a degenerative process where the bone density deteriorates. It is more common in post menopausal women, although does affect some men too, and is associated with genes, ageing, poor diet, excess alcohol consumption and smoking. There are many proactive ways to manage osteoporosis if you have already been diagnosed with the condition, or…


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Ask a Physiotherapist: What Exercises can help with Chronic Low Back Pain from Scoliosis?

Scoliosis   A- Usually exercise therapy is the best option, rather than relying on strong pain medications.   If you haven’t tried Physiotherapy yet for helping your scoliosis, I recommend you see a Physio near you, hopefully its a myPhysioSA Physiotherapist! They can assess your movement patterns and which muscles and part of the spine…