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Are you currently breastfeeding? Tips to prevent mastitis: Postnatal Physio Adelaide

Are you currently breastfeeding? Keep yourself feeling well with these tips to prevent mastitis.   What is mastitis? Breasts are composed of three main structures; lobes, ducts and fatty/fibrous tissue. The lobes are comprised of an intricately connected network of lobules that produce your breast milk. Your breast milk is carried from each lobe through…


tips for selecting the right footwear by mount barker adelaide physiotherapist deb wadham

3 best tips for selecting footwear to ease your foot or knee pain by Mount Barker Adelaide Physiotherapist Deb Wadham

3 best tips for selecting footwear to ease your pain   1. The shoe needs to be secure on the foot I like to think of this as the “shake test”. If you shake your foot, would it fall off? Your shoe needs to hold securely on your foot, otherwise you will need to claw…


repetitive strain injury RSI wrist forearm elbow physio physiotherapist adelaide mile end payneham mount barker

Repetitive strain injury (RSI). What is it and how can I help it? by Adelaide Physiotherapist

Repetitive strain injury (RSI). What is it and how can I help it?   Repetitive strain injury or RSI is a very common term used to cover a broad selection of overuse type problems in your elbow, forearm, wrist or hand. Whether it’s talking to fellow employees or friends, someone we know has either had…


menopause if sex is painful women's health physiotherapy adelaide

Menopause-If sex turns from pleasure to pain: Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide

Menopause-If sex turns from pleasure to pain     Did you know that pain with sex – dyspareunia, is one of the most frequently reported symptoms of menopause? If sex is painful, women commonly have a reduced desire for sexual intimacy or reduced arousal too. Many women accept this as part of aging and just…


Pelvic organ prolapse & exercise women's health physiotherapist adelaide exercising after having a baby

Pelvic organ prolapse & exercise after childbirth: Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide

Pelvic organ prolapse & exercise after childbirth Being diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse can provoke mixed emotions, particularly if very little information is provided at the time of diagnosis or you have attempted self-diagnosis, and suspect you have the condition based on symptoms alone. The first year after having a baby can be particularly…