Steroid Injections: Have you or someone you know been told you need to have one? my Physio SA Explains

A GP or specialist may refer you for a steroid injection, but what is it?   A steroid, or cortisone/corticosteroid, injection contains a strong anti-inflammatory medication that may help to settle pain that is not changing with physiotherapy management or that is hindering you from completing an exercise program or functioning with daily life. A…


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Have you been told to “just live with” your Aches and Pain? Physio Matt Explains what you can do about it!

‘Your aches and pains are just because you are getting old…. and you just have to live with it!’   Do you have aches and pains? And have you been told something like this before?   There is so much information out there that draws attention to the ‘bad things’ that can happen throughout life.…


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How much Screen Time is too Much? Pain from your posture? Adelaide Physio

How much Screen Time is too Much? Pain from your posture? We live in an age where we find a television, mobile phone, computer, tablet or all of above in each room of the house, workplace or school. Information is right at our finger tips, interaction with others is so easy, and effectiveness of work…


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Top 5 Major Problems that Your Stiff Neck May Be Causing by Physiotherapist Anthony Sheridan

Does your neck feel stiff or sore all the time? Did you know that your neck might be causing pain to refer to other places?   Here are our Top 5 major problems your stiff neck might be causing:   Headaches Arm Pain Pins and needles in your hand and arm Tight upper back Sinus…


Is Your Teenager at risk of a Sport Injury from playing football, netball, soccer or basketball? Advice from a Physiotherapist

We always have the best intentions for our children when it comes to sport, and we never want to see them sidelined because of an injury. This blog will highlight the 3 most common sporting injuries that physiotherapists see in children. For each injury, we will discuss what could be the cause of and how…


Do You Have a Knee or Hip Issue that is limiting your Mobility? Advice from Physiotherapist David Wilson Adelaide

Do you have a knee or hip problem that is limiting your mobility? Are you sick of going to buildings that don’t either have ramp access or steps/stairs with a decent handrail? Local and national laws require that commercial properties be friendly to the disabled or else they may suffer the consequences. Landlords who fail…