Common Dance Injuries: Plantar Fasciitis and Dance – Advice from Jacki Eads Physio Adelaide

myPhysioSA Physiotherapist and Dancer, Jacki Eads, has the knowledge from her many years as a dancer, her physiotherapy studies and experience to share with us information and advice about common dance injuries and how physiotherapy can help. In this installment of Common Dance Injuries, Jacki tells us about Heel or Arch of Foot Pain and…


Is your Baby Visible and Kissable? 7 Baby-Wearing Safety Tips from Jane Rothe Women’s Health Physio Adelaide

Baby wraps and slings are a popular method of holding your baby or toddler while you are up and about and can have several benefits for both you and your baby. Baby-wearing can facilitate parent-child bonding through closeness and touch, allow your hands to be free to complete other tasks, and may even help with…


pelvic floor exercise program physio physiotherapist Adelaide Mount Baker women

Simple Strategy to Relax Your Pelvic Floor Muscles – Ease your Pelvic Pain Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide

The Core Muscles and Function The core muscles are an important group of muscles that have the job of supporting and stabilising the spinal column and the pelvis. The muscles that form the core are the diaphragm, or breathing muscle, the abdominals and and pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that…


Physiotherapist Jacki Eads Answers – What Can You do about experiencing Hip Issues during Dance or Pilates Classes

Hip dysfunction can occur slowly over time or happen suddenly during a class or performance. Issues with your hips are most noticeable if you experience pain, but dysfunction of the hip may also present as tightness, a change in turnout ability, a decrease in flexibility or strength, ‘snapping’ of the hip or an inability to balance…


Low back pain physio exercises myPhysioSA Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Should I just take some pain killers and push through my back pain? Or is it causing damage? Advice from my Physio SA Adelaide

Back pain can be responsible for significant activity limitation in an individual. The Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare, reports that 1 in 7 Australians (14%) had an incidence of low back pain in 2011-12 and it is estimated that up to 90% of Australians will experience an episode of low back pain at…


How your Posture Effects Shoulder and Mid Back Pain – Advice by Physiotherapist Anthony Sheridan

The idea that bad posture can cause various pains throughout the body is not a new one. This is also the case in relation to shoulder and mid back pain. We have been told our mothers, teachers and now at work to sit up and not slouch or slump. It is true that more desk-based occupations and more…