Spinal Fractures – Tips and Advice by Adelaide my Physio SA Physiotherapist Cameron

It’s fair to say that when we think about ‘spinal fractures’ the worst springs to mind in every sense. There are different types of spinal fractures that can occur as a result from different events. The most common types that physiotherapists tend to see are: 1)Trauma 2) Stress  3) Crush 1)Trauma Yes, spinal fractures can…


knee pain physio myPhysioSA Mt Barker Adelaide Physiotherapist

Does Osteoarthritis run in your family? Here’s some lifestyle changes you can make by my Physio SA Mount Barker Physiotherapist Anthony

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition that affects your joints, it can effect a lot of people as they get older. Below is an excerpt from Arthritis Australia – to read the full information sheet about Osteoarthritis, click here. What is osteoarthritis (OA)? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition that affects the whole joint including bone, cartilage, ligaments…


Chronic Pain, Mindfulness and Physiotherapy by my Physio SA Mount Barker Physiotherapist Rebecca

Becky talks about her discovery to understand the concept of mindfulness. Here are her findings. In the last few years, I have endeavored to deepen my understanding around how we as physiotherapists are best equipped to assist people. This assistance comes in form of patients recovering from and potentially thrive, following episodes of debilitating chronic pain. Chronic Pain is the…


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Strength Training for Young Athletes: Advice from a my Physio SA Adelaide Sports Physiotherapist

We are all familiar with the many benefits of strength training in an adult population, but when it comes to the health of our young athletes there are some commonly held, though misguided beliefs about the effectiveness and safety of strength training. Concerned parents commonly ask if strength training is appropriate for their child and…


Same direction heinens for agility and speed Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Best Physio exercises for improving agility, leg strength and body control by my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist David

Want to improve your agility and body control? These exercises have been designed to improve your trunk/core, hip and knee control for improving your sports performance.  If your sport involves any amount of: speed, agility, cutting and weaving, jumping and landing and power, then these exercises are a great way to start improving your agility…


iron cross stretch for tight back and hip muscles Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Best Physio stretches for tight leg muscles by Mount Barker Adelaide Physiotherapist David

If you have tightness in your calves, thighs, hips, glutes or back then the below exercises are the best exercises to do. The list of exercises below have been selected for people who do a running sport. Select which exercises release your tight areas.  Do these after exercise or at least every second day. Hold…


lady jumping feeling great myPhysioSA Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Body aches & pains? Top 5 Physio tips by my Physio SA Adelaide Physiotherapist David

Dream of waking up every day and feeling great? I mean having lots of energy, no aches & pains, and that awesome feeling of knowing that you are fit and healthy. Well, to get there you first need to start with a healthy body. By that, I mean a body that has a good balance…


correct position for opening your bowels Mt Barker Adelaide Physio Physiotherapist

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide: How Should You Sit on the Toilet? Is there a Right or Wrong way to go #2?

Sitting on a toilet is the way most people empty their bladder or bowels. But, if you are not sitting in a good position on the toilet this can prevent you from fully emptying your bowels or lead to straining and related problems. Straining or difficulty emptying your bowels is very common, with 1 in…