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How to find us

myPhysioSA Mount Barker

  • Address

    35a McLaren Street
    Mount Barker, 5251

  • Phone

    1300 189 289

Mount Barker myPhysioSA 
at Summit Health Centre

  • Address

    85 Wellington Road
    Mount Barker, 5251

  • Phone

    1300 189 289

myPhysioSA Marden

  • Address

    10 Lower Portrush Road
    Marden, 5070

  • Phone

    1300 189 289

myPhysioSA Spine at TISC

myPhysioSA for her at O&G
North Adelaide

  • Address

    69 Barnard Street
    North Adelaide, 5006

  • Phone

    1300 189 289


Please call our reception team on 1300 189 289 if you become lost or if you’re having difficulty finding our clinic and they will guide you to us.

When you first arrive at our clinic please report to the reception desk where our reception team will cheerfully welcome you, make you feel comfortable and give you our New Patient Folder with forms that you will need to complete. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment as this will leave you plenty of time to ensure all necessary information has been provided, allowing you to be relaxed and ready for your appointment.

Please download and print the New Patient Forms listed below to complete and bring in with you to your appointment.

Important Stuff

Our appointments are half an hour in duration unless you require a women’s health consult or have specifically requested a longer appointment.

If you have private health cover, please bring your card with you. You can utilise our HICAPS machine making it easy for you to claim your rebate on the day of your appointment. We also have credit card facilities for your convenience and we require full payment on the day of your appointment.

We believe it is important to provide our clients with as much information as possible in order to assist them achieve the best outcomes. To help us do this, we regularly use emails to keep up to date with your progress, notify you of our monthly specials and allow you to get in contact with us whenever required. You can be assured that we will not spam you with unnecessary emails.

If your appointment is for an initial Pilates assessment, then please have a few glasses of water beforehand and please do not go to the toilet in the hour before your session. This will help us assess the activation of your deep core muscles when using the ultrasound machine.

What to Expect If You Are Seeing Our Physiotherapists

  1. Awesome service from our reception team and your Physiotherapist
  2. When you arrive you will complete your Case History Form which gives us information on where your problem or pain is, what aggravates it, what eases it, your medical history, medications etc.
  3. We also want to know what your goals are? That is what you want to get back to being able to do again. It could be running a marathon, or being able to get through a work day without a headache
  4. Your Physiotherapist will great you in the reception area and guide you to a private treatment room. They will ask many questions about your problem, and give you an opportunity to explain your problem and ask any questions.
  5. We will then get you to show us how you move your problem area, and likely test its strength and feel for any tight or tender spots.
  6. Your Physio will then discuss their findings with you in simple terms and outline what the best treatment plan will be. They will ensure you fully understand the plan and they will base it around the goals of what you want to achieve.
  7. The plan will usually be to guide you back to a full recovery and reach you goals 100%. You should ask any questions you have and discuss any concerns with your Physio, and then fully commit to your agreed plan. This will ensure you get the results you are after.
  8. Treatment could vary from massage, pushing on sore points to release tension, specific rehab exercises through to taping or even acupuncture needles! It really depends on your needs.
  9. Expect great results. We do. We need to know if you have any concerns about your treatment plan, your progress
  10. Communicate with your Physio. They will call you after your first session to check how you are and answer any questions.


Please wear comfortable clothes. If you have leg problems, wear or bring a pair of shorts with you. If you are female and have an upper back/shoulder problem we recommend wearing a singlet to allow your physiotherapist to accurately assess your problem.

For Pilates classes, please wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water and a towel.

Our Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy

Our practice understands the importance of one-on-one attention. When you reserve a time-slot with one of our physiotherapists, they set aside that time solely for your care.

If you are unable to attend one of your appointments we please ask out of courtesy of at least 4 hours notice via telephone, to allow other patients the chance to book in for the treatment they need.

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