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Brace for Innovation are proud to present the EXO-L ankle brace

An external ankle ligament that acts as a seat belt to protect you at the moment you are about to roll your ankle – without affecting your freedom of movement. This innovative product has been used across Europe and is proven to prevent ankle sprains.

Simple to use, hard wearing and extremely effective, The EXO-L is suitable for amateur and elite athletes, bushwalkers, outdoor tradesman or those with an ankle complaint or instability issue. The EXO-L may be used as an alternative to surgery and strapping tape and uses a bracing system combining an anchoring strap to the shoe, which then connects to the moulded support across the ankle. The straps can be tensioned for the desired support level.


EXO-L UP: tailored for neurological disorders

Introducing the EXO-L UP, an extension of the EXO-L, now aimed at helping those with neurological disorders such as foot drop and cerebral palsy. A brand new product with some really exciting scope to improve mobility and quality of life.

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