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Learn the best Physio stretches to help your low back pain.

David is an experienced Physiotherapist.

He guides you through each easy and safe stretch

Trying to decide what the best choice is for easing your low back pain?


Sick of taking pain killers and missing out on doing things that you used to enjoy?

So what actually does a Physio do to help back pain. Matt, a Spinal Physiotherapist, explains what a Physio does, what questions they will ask, how they examine your back and what treatment they are likely to do.

We made this video to help people with ongoing back pain have more information about Physio and what to expect if they see one.

A myPhysioSA Physiotherapist will listen to you, work out what we need to get you back doing again, then fully examine your back and explain what we recommend you need to do to get back on track fast.

Introducing our Can Physio help my problem? FREE Session myPhysioSA

David, a Partner Physiotherapist at myPhysioSA in Adelaide Australia, explains all about our FREE Physio Q&A session for anyone wanting to know if Physiotherapy is the right choice for helping their particular problem.

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You will feel heard & listened to. It’s all about you and your problem. Then designing your customised solution to feel great again.

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We promise to actually listen to your story. Our key goal in Physiotherapy is to find out what is causing your problem. This is the tricky bit; it’s the bit we love. Using our vast Physio knowledge and experience you will get pain relief fast and learn how to get long lasting results!

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