Shoulder Pain Physio Tip

Should Pain Physio Tip

Aching shoulder with activities?

It’s hard to sleep with your shoulder aching all night?

Physio David shows you an easy to do Physio exercise to help your shoulder move better with less pain.

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Payneham Mount Barker

“Your Physio will carefully listen to you and how your problem is affecting you, they will do a thorough assessment, explain in simple language what is the cause of your pain, and then start pain relieving treatment, all in the first appointment.”

Tim Bass, Founding myPhysioSA Partner

Our reputation has been built on the fast results that we get every day helping people with shoulder pain just like you.

What actually does a Physio do to help shoulder pain?

How can a Physio help your shoulder pain & get you back to doing what you love again by myPhysioSA

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