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Introducing our awesome purpose built Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation facility near St Peters

  • Two storey, purpose built, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Payneham clinic built in 2017. Conveniently located less than 4 minute drive from St Peters.
  • Modern private physiotherapy treatment rooms.
  • Onsite fully equipped rehabilitation gym run by Exercise Physiologist’s with cardio equipment, pin-loaded machines, free weights and power lifting equipment, core strength equipment, small running track for gait analysis, and various speciality medical rehabilitation equipment.
  • Fitness/Exercise classes, myCore Physio classes, Hydrotherapy, Arthritis classes
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Get Directions to Our Physio Clinic Near St Peters

Why you should choose myPhysioSA to help you


Helped over 30, 000 people just like you. Our experience shows with the results our clients consistently achieve.


Getting you a great end result drives us. Our passion is finding the right solutions to help fix your problem.


We are world class at what we do. The way we do things at myPhysioSA sets us apart.


You will feel heard & listened to. It’s all about you and your problem. Then designing your customised solution to feel great again.

Wrist pain in pregnancy

Our experienced Physio team will get you active again with less pain

Worried that your pain won’t go away or is getting worse?

If you have had pain for a while, you can feel that it will never go away and that it will just keep getting worse. Knowing what is causing your pain and being given a clear step by step plan on how to fix it is what we do best.

Our team will quickly find the key causes of your problem – they will put you back in control and active again. Understanding your problem and what will help to resolve it, is the key to getting back on track.

Our focus for your recovery plan will be around what you want to get back to doing again, whether it’s tackling stairs again, travel, sport, getting back to your job or simply wanting to be stronger, fitter or more flexible.

Meet our Clinical Staff

Tim Bass Physio Payneham

Tier 5 Partner & Spinal
Physiotherapist Payneham, Mount Barker

Top 5 Stretches for Cycling by Physiotherapist Tom Peters my Physio SA

Tier 4 Senior Associate Payneham

Kate Phillips Physiotherapist

Tier 4 Clinical Director
& Womens Health Physiotherapist Payneham & North Adelaide

Jane Rothe Physiotherapist

Tier 3 Associate & Womens Health Physiotherapist Payneham & North Adelaide

An update on exercise in pregnancy

Tier 3 Senior Associate
Physiotherapist & Womens Health Physiotherapist Payneham

Lauren Mutton Womens Physiotherapist

Tier 2
Womens Health Physiotherapist Payneham

Neel Pangaonkar

Tier 4 Senior Associate
Physiotherapist Payneham


Tier 2 Senior
Physiotherapist Payneham

James Craig Physiotherapist

Tier 1
Physiotherapist Payneham

Samantha Mathews Physiotherapist Payneham

Tier 1
Physiotherapist Payneham

Kyle Craig image

Accredited Exercise
Physiologist Payneham & myPhysioSA Spine

David Bentley exercise physiologist

Accredited Exercise
Physiologist Payneham, Mount Barker and myPhysioSA Spine

myPhysioSA Physiotherapy


Our car park is located behind our building off of Victoria Street via a private driveway. Just look for our large myPhysioSA Parking sign.

  1. Turn into Victoria Street from either Portrush Road or Payneham Road
  2. Turn into the rear of our building, following our parking sign
  3. Please call our reception team on 1300 189 289 if you become lost or if you’re having difficulty finding our clinic and they will happily guide you.

The myPhysioSA Physio team have helped over 30,000 people, many who have had the exact same problem you now need help with.

  • Sports injuries

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Knee pain

  • Headaches

  • Post- surgery rehabilitation

  • Elbow pain

  • Foot and ankle pain

  • Hand and wrist pain

  • Pelvic floor, pregnancy and postnatal care

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