The International Spine Centre

The International Spine Centre is a unique private, multi-disciplinary spinal treatment centre offering treatment across neurosurgery, medicine, movement and mind.

myPhysioSA Spinal experts collaborate with all disciplines throughout the centre to ensure patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Adelaide Hills O&G Women’s Health Services

Women’s Health Specialists. Caring for patients across the Adelaide Hills, South Coast and greater Adelaide region.

We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalised & expert care.

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Perinatal Psychology
  • Medical Hypnotherapy
  • Dietitian


Practice Location
We offer appointments at our custom designed private rooms at 89 Wellington Rd Mount Barker and 4/11 Mt Barker Rd Stirling


O&G is a complete centre for women’s health care catering to women in all stages of life.

North Adelaide Football Club

myPhysioSA works closely with North Adelaide Football Club providing Physiotherapy to the clubs players. Players have pre-season assessments, follow our Physio programs to work on their weaknesses and have regular Physiotherapy at our clinics to prevent and manage any sports injuries.


We use Medipro sports tape products as our go to tapes. Their tapes are great to work with and are good value for money. We highly recommend them.

Thomas Foods

Thomas Foods International (TFI), Australia’s largest 100% family owned meat processing company, is building a new state-of-the-art meat processing facility at Murray Bridge in South Australia.

It replaces the original facility destroyed by fire on January 3, 2018.

The new multi-species meat processing facility at Murray Bridge is expected to become a global showcase of advanced food manufacturing and set the industry benchmark for technology, efficiency, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and workplace safety.

myPhysioSA proudly supplies our Physiotherapy expertise to Thomas foods workers, with onsite Physiotherapy services.