Been diagnosed with arthritis? Stop avoiding activities. Stop your worry about being able to tackle stairs or having a day out on your feet.

Confused about what changes in activity levels or what exercises you really need to make sure you do?

Get advice on what will give you the most benefit with the least changes in your current lifestyle.

Our Exercise Physiologist Adelaide team, can help people with arthritis of the knee, hip, spine or shoulder, which can help ease pain, improve mobility and strength by starting specific classes that can really help.

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Osteoarthritis symptoms can be helped by increasing your levels of physical activity and strengthening your support muscles.

The trick is finding someone who understands your condition, who can help guide you, motivate you, and set up a plan that will work.

Introducing our Exercise Physiologist Adelaide team, Courtney, Lara and Jack, who consult across all our clinics.

Exercise Physiology uses the physiological adaptations of exercise to help treat, manage and prevent chronic conditions that will impact on an individual’s health and well-being.

The benefits of exercise are numerous, and have been extensively researched and proven for many types of arthritis conditions, particularly knee arthritis and hip arthritis.

An exercise physiologist is specifically trained to prescribe the correct type of exercise based on the chronic condition present, and specialises in the treatment of that condition, the management of that condition and the prevention of further chronic conditions in a safe, supervised environment.

If you know that this sounds exactly what you need, then contact us on 1300 189 289 and book an appointment to see one of our team and get started with a plan to get you back on track right away.

Mount Barker Rehab Gym and Fitness Studio

Large gym with:

  • treadmill
  • cycle ergo’s
  • rower
  • pin-loaded machines
  • Smith machine free-weight equipment
  • free weights
  • specialised rehab equipment for the spine, hip, groin, knee, and balance equipment.

Marden Fitness Studio & Rehab Gym

Perfect for injury rehab with:

  • treadmill and small running track for gait and sports specific analysis
  • bikes and rower
  • pin-loaded machines and power lifting equipment
  • free weights
  • specialised rehab equipment for the spine, hip, groin, knee, and balance equipment
  • Pilates reformer machine


For more information about Arthritis, check out our Arthritis Health Advice.

Why do I need to do gym rehab?

Gym rehab is used for rehabilitating any musculo-skeletal injury.

Having access to the right equipment, and even more importantly being taught the right exercises properly by the skilled Exercise Physiology Adelaide team, is the most effective way to fully rehab your injury or problem.

An Exercise Physiologist who understands your injury and what sport or activity you need to return to, will customise a rehab plan that is tailored to fast track your results.

Your Exercise Physiologist will choose exercises that are appropriate for each stage of your recovery, testing your strength and endurance along the way, ensuring that you are ready for the next stage of your rehab.

Arthritis Classes timetable

Exercise Physiology group class8amRachel DanaherMount Barker
Exercise Physiology group class10:30amRachel DanaherMount Barker
Exercise Physiology group class1pmSam WebsterMarden
Exercise Physiology group class5:15pmSam WebsterMarden
Balance class8:30amCarolyn DoMount Barker
Exercise Physiology class9:15amSam WebsterMarden
Exercise Physiology group class10amSam WebsterMount Barker
Exercise Physiology group class9:45amKyle CraigMarden
Exercise Physiology group class10:30amKyle CraigMarden
Teens strength & conditioning class4pmSam WebsterMount Barker
Exercise Physiology Group class5;15pmSam WebsterMount Barker
Exercise Physiology group class9:15amKyle CraigMarden
Exercise Physiology group class10amRachel DanaherMount Barker
Exercise Physiology group class4:30pmKyle CraigMarden
Exercise Physiology group class8amRachel DanaherMount Barker
Balance class9:30amCarolyn DoMount Barker
Exercise Physiology group class10am Kyle CraigMarden

Call us on 1300 189 289 and enquire now about our arthritis classes