myCore Physio classes will help you get the strong, toned and flexible body you desire.

myCore will work every muscle in your body but mainly focuses on your core. You will feel energized and great after your session.

Here at myPhysioSA, we have clients of all backgrounds and body types who find success with using our myCore Physio classes to improve their mobility and strength, reduce their pain and improve their body awareness.

Our classes are non-judgemental, accommodating and tailored to your level of ability.

Our qualified Physiotherapist’s are trained to use simple cueing and easy to understand language while providing insights and education into your body.

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myPhysioSA myCore Physio Classes Explained

Foundation Class – Consolidate and reinforce (Level 1)

Gain an understanding of our 5 Foundations of myCore classes: Breathing, Core Control, Body Awareness, Coordination and Spine Articulation.

Consolidate and reinforce this understanding through slow, guided repetition of beginner exercises to support self-mastery.

Your myCore Physio will provide continual instruction, reminders and personal feedback during class.

Mat Progressive (Level 2)

Mat based exercises are gradually progressed to challenge your comprehension of the Foundations of myCore Physio classes.

Work within your own capabilities to build on strength, control, coordination and flexibility.

Your myCore Physio will provide instruction and feedback during class

Small Equipment (Level 2)

Gradually progress your skills through weekly rotations of a variety of mat based small equipment exercises.

Use magic circles, foam rollers, fit-balls, chi balls and therabands to increase strength, control, coordination and flexibility.

Your myCore Physio will provide instruction and feedback during class.

Equipment Circuit Class (Level 3)

A structured circuit class using both small equipment and large studio equipment.

Undertake exercises with increased resistance and complex coordination to achieve your goals.

Your myCore Physio will provide instruction and feedback as required in a self-directed environment.

myCore Balance (All levels welcome)

A myCore Physio class primarily performed in sitting or standing. Engage your core and challenge your balance, encouraging stability and confidence on your feet!

Suitable for those rehabilitating from surgery or injury or those try to reach their full potential walking or running!

myCore balance will be able to help you reach your goal.

What will you get with a 10 week myCore membership?

Weekly secured booking in the one class of your choice for the 10 weeks.

More classes and times to choose from than ever before.

Attend a second myCore class casually for HALF PRICE!!

Our new myCore program of class structures which are consistently taught by all Instructors throughout all the classes.

FREE unlimited unsupervised use of the Fitness studio with your own personalised myCore &/or fitness program.

Small Group Classes or Individual Sessions available.


So how do I start myCore Physio classes at myPhysioSA?

Initial myCore Physio classes Consultation

Everyone undergoes an Initial myCore Physio classes Consultation before the first class, regardless of where you may have done it before.

Using our real time ultrasound machine you can make sure you are able to switch on your deep core muscles successfully. This will allow you to get the best results when you go into the classes.

The 5 Foundations of myCore Physio classes are initially taught in our individual sessions with our new participants.

During this initial session, the participant is also educated on the use of various breath patterns to facilitate and stabilise movement.

To maximise the participants holistic involvement in our myCore program, we then recommend additional 1:1 sessions to succinctly educate our patients on the 5 Foundations of myCore Physio classes.

This is achieved through the education, demonstration and participation in a series of specifically chosen exercises to maximise the participants understanding and control of breathing, core, body awareness, coordination and spine articulation.

“Improving strength and decreasing pain”

Our 5 Foundations of myCore Physio classes are then engrained in our participants during their myCore classes. Where we challenge these principles further through a variety of exercises.

Why are myCore Physio classes at myPhysioSA different or better than anywhere else?

myPhysioSA prides itself  on providing our clients with classes that achieve results.

We combine the expert knowledge of Physiotherapist’s with Pilates-inspired exercises to maximise results for our clients.  If you are recovering from an injury you can utilise this knowledge to get back on track faster.

myPhysioSA has developed our 5 Foundations of myCore classes that are consistently taught to all our clients, which guarantee results for you.

What actually are myCore Physio classes?

It’s not just an exercise class, it’s a way to balance your body, rehab and avoid injuries, and tone all your muscles.

myCore Physio classes are a safe and effective form of exercise for everyone.

It’s benefits include:

  • Improved posture and flexibility
  • Improved core muscle function and stability
  • Emphasises correct breathing patterns and control
  • Overall increase in body strength and tone
  • Injury prevention, as strength training before you are stable can lead to injury
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Improves body awareness
  • Improves balance and co-ordination

We have taken this method further to incorporate the latest scientific research into your core muscles and their functioning, making our exercise programs extremely specific.

The sooner you get started the sooner you will start to feel better!  Call or email us now to make an appointment.

“My achy body feels better afterwards”

myCore Physio timetable

myCore Foundation Class - Consolidate and reinforce Level 15:45pmAnna RobinsonMount Barker
myCore Balance class9:15amPaige KleinigMount Barker
myCore Foundation class8amAnna RobinsonMount Barker
myCore Foundation Class 6:15pmPaige KleinigMount Barker
myCore Balance class9:30amPaige KleinigMount Barker

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