Why choose to see myPhysioSA for back pain physiotherapy?

Adelaide locals looking for relief from back pain should look no further than myPhysioSA. Our clinics are located just minutes from Adelaide’s CBD, in Eastwood, Marden, and Norwood.

myPhysioSA offers a range of services to help ease chronic or acute back pain.

At myPhysioSA, we believe that physiotherapy is essential for the prevention and management of back pain. Our team of experienced and qualified Allied Health Professionals utilise evidence-based practice to provide our patients with tailored treatments plans specific to their needs. We combine manual therapy techniques such as massage and joint mobilisation with rehabilitative exercises and education about lifestyle modifications to promote optimal health outcomes for all our patients.

Our philosophy at myPhysioSA revolves around providing personalised care in an environment where clients feel comfortable and secure.

In many cases, all it takes is accurate assessment and treatment by a Physiotherapist to get you back on track.

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How can Physiotherapy Help Fix Back Pain?

For most people, back pain is an all too common issue. Whether it’s a sharp twinge or lingering ache, it can be debilitating and hinder daily life. Physiotherapy offers a variety of treatments to help fix back pain.

Physiotherapy works with the body instead of against it. By assessing the person as a whole and not just focusing on the area in pain, physiotherapists can create personalised plans that address both physical and lifestyle factors which may contribute to back pain. Through gentle exercises, core strengthening and specialised treatments like massage therapy and dry needling, physiotherapists bring relief from back pain while also teaching patients how to prevent further injury or discomfort in the future.

In addition to reducing current symptoms, physiotherapy helps build strength in muscles surrounding the spine which allows for better posture and improved body function overall.

What can cause Back Pain Problems

One of the most common causes of back pain is a strained or pulled muscle. This type of injury typically occurs due to over-stretching or overuse of muscles in the lower back region. Prolonged postures can also contribute to muscle strain and lead to chronic lower back pain issues. Osteoarthritis, another form of arthritis characterised by cartilage wearing away from joints within the spine, is also a frequent source for recurrent back discomfort. For further information we recommend reading our health advice article on lower back pain.

If you’re dealing with back pain, don’t wait any longer to get help. The pain won’t go away on its own and can only get worse over time. Call our office today on 1300 189 289 to schedule an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists.

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