Why choose myPhysioSA to assess and rehab your sports injury?

  1. Return to your sport quickly and safely. Get an accurate diagnosis following a thorough assessment
  2. On-site rehab gyms so you can complete your rehab under our expert guidance
  3. Our guaranteed availability Monday night sports Physio injury assessment clinic
Ode to the weekend sports warrior

“Getting an accurate diagnosis will give you the best chance of getting back to your sport quickly and successfully.”

Tom Peters, Titled Sports Physiotherapist and myPhysioSA Partner Physiotherapist

The South Australian Sports Institute, Hockey Australia and North Adelaide Football Club are just a few of the sporting organisations that choose myPhysioSA to get their athletes back on track quickly.

Importantly you too can get the same results that these elite athletes get from seeing us here at myPhysioSA.

This is why myPhysioSA Sports Physiotherapy is an excellent first option for accurately assessing your sporting injury and safely returning you back to sport fast.

Whether you’re an Olympic Athlete or a Sunday morning golfer, myPhysioSA Sports Physio’s have the experience and knowledge to treat your injury and get you back as soon as possible.

myPhysioSA Marden and Physio Mount Barker clinics are here for all your Sports Physio needs.

Introducing our unique Monday Evening Sports Injury Assessment Clinic – Marden and Mount Barker Clinics.

If you get injured on the weekend and are still having issues on Monday morning. Then our Monday sports injury sessions are just for you.

You can have you injury assessed and diagnosed quickly and accurately. We guarantee you will get in on the day and will leave with a clear plan on how to recover successfully. Sports Physiotherapy for any sporting injury, with guaranteed availability of appointments.

Get your thorough assessment and personalised recovery plan.

Tim Bass, Samantha Matthews, Josh Stewart and Matthew Ash are all experienced sports injury Physiotherapist’s.

Our Sports Physio’s will:

  • Thoroughly assess your injury
  • Give you the best advice
  • Teach you specific rehab exercises appropriate for your injury
  • Give you training suggestions to get your injury under control fast and get your rehab kickstarted.
  • Our sports Physio’s can also get in contact with your club trainer/coach to keep them in the loop if you wish.

What if you need a scan or need to see a sports GP?

An experienced Sports GP is also available to be contacted for further assessment and for any necessary referrals for scans or to a specialist. This will fast track the management of your injury to get you back to sport quicker.

Sports Physio Treatment Knee

“myPhysioSA has on-site rehab gyms so you can complete your rehab under our expert guidance.”

Choose myPhysioSA Sports Physio to fast track your Sports Injury Rehabilitation

You can begin your required treatment or therapy, without any waiting around.

Importantly, our clinics have on-site rehab gyms equipped with treadmills, bikes, resistance equipment, and specialised rehab machines.

Even better is that an individualised rehabilitation program will be designed specifically for your successful recovery and build up your sports conditioning.

If further tests or surgery are required then we can deliver rapid access to scans such as MRI, X-ray and CT. We can also refer you to leading Orthopaedic Consultants and other Sports Medicine Specialists with whom we work closely.

Therefore, no matter how great or small your problem may be, our focus is on helping you return to full fitness and achieve your goals as soon as possible.

myPhysioSA provide services to:

  • North Adelaide Football Club (SANFL)
  • Hockey SA including – “Hot shots” senior men’s, and Juniors
  • Hahndorf Football Club
  • Meadows Football Club
  • Onkaparinga Valley Football Club
  • SASI (South Australian Sports Institute) Hockey Program
  • St. Peters Old Collegians Soccer and football teams
  • Glenunga Football Club
  • Nairne Football Club
  • Lobethal Football Club
  • Hockey Australia- Junior Mens and Womens National team programs
  • Hills Football Trainers Association
  • Echunga Football Club
  • Macclesfield Football Club
  • Broadview Football Club
  • Hills Hawks Soccer Club


Why it is important to see a Sports Physio for Sports Injuries?

Sports Physio’s have extra training in dealing with Sports Injury diagnosis and treatment.  They also deal with these injuries every day, from the amateur to the elite sports levels.

Choosing to see a Sports Physiotherapist will likely fast track your return to sport with confidence and get your body stronger than ever along the way!

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