Introducing our awesome Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation facility

  • Hahndorf is a small village in the Adelaide Hills proud of its German heritage. myPhysioSA is near Hahndorf and located just 13 minutes drive away
  • myPhysioSA has two convenient locations in Mount Barker, with easy parking
  • Our two clinics combined have 14 modern private treatment rooms and a large fully equipped commercial gym and fitness studio
  • We offer Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Remedial Massage, myCore Physio led classes & hydrotherapy.


myPhysioSA are proud to be Hahndorf Football Club Physio, along with being sponsors.

Physio near Hanhdorf

Get Directions to Our Physio Clinic Near Hahndorf

myPhysioSA – Summit Health Centre, Mount Barker


Please call our myPhysioSA reception team on 1300 189 289 if you become lost or if you’re having difficulty finding our clinic and they will guide you to us.

Why you should choose myPhysioSA to help you


Helped over 30, 000 people just like you. Our experience shows with the results our clients consistently achieve.


Getting you a great end result drives us. Our passion is finding the right solutions to help fix your problem.


We are world class at what we do. The way we do things at myPhysioSA sets us apart.


You will feel heard & listened to. It’s all about you and your problem. Then designing your customised solution to feel great again.

It’s all about you and your problem. And then putting together a tailored solution to help you feel great again.

If you are looking for experienced local health professionals who can offer you quick pain relief and then a lasting solution.

Then we are here to help you feel great again!

Our team will match you with seeing the best therapist that can help you with your particular problem, at a time convenient to you. Or use our easy online booking portal.

Meet our Clinical Staff

We have 12 friendly and experienced Physio’s, Exercise Physiologist’s and remedial massage therapist’s at our two clinics near Hahndorf.
We are here to help you.

David Wilson Physio Mount Barker

Tier 5 Partner
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Tim Bass Physio Payneham

Tier 5 Partner & Spinal
Physiotherapist Payneham, Mount Barker

Joshua Stewart Physio Payneham

Tier 4 Associate
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Tracy Magor Weyland Physiotherapist

Tier 4 Senior Associate Women’s Health
Physiotherapist Summit Health Centre Mount Barker

Natalie Trim

Tier 2 Senior Women’s Health
Physiotherapist Summit Health Centre Mount Barker

had a hip or knee replacement

Tier 4 Senior Associate
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Ellen Ocallaghan Physio

Tier 3 Associate
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Matthew Ash Physio

Tier 3 Senior & Spinal
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Elisha Scriven Physio Payneham

Tier 2
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Tier 2
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Carolyn Do

Tier 1
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Lucy Mayo Physiotherapist Mount Barker Adelaide

Tier 1
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Neal Fitton Physiotherapist

Tier 1
Physiotherapist Mount Barker

Kyle Craig image

Accredited Exercise
Physiologist Mount Barker, Payneham & myPhysioSA Spine

Lara Watts Physiotherapist

Accredited Exercise
Physiologist Mount Barker & myPhysioSA Spine

David Bentley exercise physiologist

Accredited Exercise
Physiologist Payneham, Mount Barker and myPhysioSA Spine

Michael Cowles Massage Therapist

Remedial Massage
Therapist Payneham & Mount Barker

The myPhysioSA team have helped over 30,000 people, many who have had the exact same problem you now need help with.

  • Sports injuries

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Knee pain

  • Headaches

  • Post- surgery rehabilitation

  • Elbow pain

  • Foot and ankle pain

  • Hand and wrist pain

  • Pelvic floor, pregnancy and postnatal care

Sessions are hands-on Physiotherapy treatment one on one with your chosen therapist who is the best suited to helping your problem

So don’t waste your time missing out on what you want to do and let myPhysioSA get you feeling great again.

Book your appointment at myPhysioSA today