David Wilson Physio Mount Barker
David has broad experience in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, including sports injuries. He is involved in the local community as physiotherapist to numerous local football and netball clubs. David also has specialised skills to treat both low back pain and headaches, using a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture and exercise programs.

What is Achilles pain?

Achilles pain refers to discomfort or soreness in the Achilles tendon, which is the thick band of tissue that connects…

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balance tandem walk

Balance exercise tips

Why is balance important?   Balance is crucial for overall well-being and is essential in various aspects of daily life.…

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shin splints myphysiosa

Shin splints

Shin splits: Tips to keep you running!   What are shin splints? ‘Shin splints’ is a term used to describe shin…

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