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exercise advice fatigue exercise physiologist adelaide

Exercise advice if you get fatigue due to medical issues by Exercise Physiologist Adelaide

Exercise Advice for people with fatigue   Do you have any of the below medical causes of fatigue?   Some examples of medical causes of fatigue are; Cancer Rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Glandular Fever Depression Multiple Sclerosis Persistent Pain Fatigue and Exercise For a lot of people who experience fatigue, exercise would be…


pain medication physio adelaide

What pain medication should I use? by Physio Adelaide

If you have a body ache or pain,such as back, neck or knee pain, what pain medication should you use?       Pain Medication Options There are many types of pain medication. In general all pain medications are referred to as ‘analgesics’. Some analgesics are better for a particular problem then another. With all…


exercise water low back pain adelaide physio payneham mile end mount barker hydrotherapy classes

Hydrotherapy Classes or Aquatic Physiotherapy: Mount Barker & Payneham Adelaide

  How can hydrotherapy classes assist your rehabilitation from surgery? The buoyancy helps to alleviate the strain on your joints including the cartilage and soft tissues structures. This effectively alleviates pain, permitting greater range in the water. It enables exercise of the muscles around the joint, relatively pain free. The warmth of the water additionally…


hydrotherapy classes mount barker payneham adelaide physio

How hydrotherapy can help rehabilitation from surgery: by Adelaide Physiotherapist Lauren

How can hydrotherapy classes assist your pre and post rehabilitation from surgery?     Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise rehabilitation that takes place in a warm pool, led by an experienced Physiotherapist. The pool is shallower allowing you to stand in water either waist or chest height to perform your own tailored exercises. It…


prevent mastitis women's physio adelaide

Are you currently breastfeeding? Tips to prevent mastitis: Postnatal Physio Adelaide

Are you currently breastfeeding? Keep yourself feeling well with these tips to prevent mastitis.   What is mastitis? Breasts are composed of three main structures; lobes, ducts and fatty/fibrous tissue. The lobes are comprised of an intricately connected network of lobules that produce your breast milk. Your breast milk is carried from each lobe through…