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menopause if sex is painful women's health physiotherapy adelaide

Menopause-If sex turns from pleasure to pain: Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide

Menopause-If sex turns from pleasure to pain     Did you know that pain with sex – dyspareunia, is one of the most frequently reported symptoms of menopause? If sex is painful, women commonly have a reduced desire for sexual intimacy or reduced arousal too. Many women accept this as part of aging and just…


Pelvic organ prolapse & exercise women's health physiotherapist adelaide

Pelvic organ prolapse & exercise after childbirth: Women’s Health Physiotherapy Adelaide

Pelvic organ prolapse & exercise after childbirth Being diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse can provoke mixed emotions, particularly if very little information is provided at the time of diagnosis or you have attempted self-diagnosis, and suspect you have the condition based on symptoms alone. The first year after having a baby can be particularly…